As developing athletes, we all want to train hard – read on to find out what training sessions are scheduled and how to join.  Please check the Club Calendar on line for the specific dates and times each week as the schedule may be modified.  Watch the Facebook page as well for last minute changes to the schedule due to weather or facility closures. There is a small cost for our some of our training sessions to cover facility rentals and coaching fees.  Visit the Club Store to purchase a Drop-In Card which you can use for payment.

Indoor Swim

Coached Pool Swims: 

Currently we are not able to hold coached swims due to the COVID craziness.

Normally, we offer coached swim sessions with workouts of three levels of difficulty supplied for you to follow, tailored for beginner to experienced swimmers.  Participants should be able to swim at least 100m in the pool without stopping. Coaching tips are provided to help develop your technique/body position/breathing and stroke efficiently.


  • From October to July – Wednesdays from 5:45 to 7:00 AM (50m lanes)
  • From October to May – Sundays from 7:00 to 8:15 AM (25m lanes)


  • Grandview Heights Pool

How to Register:

  • Email info@peninsulamultisport.ca before your first session.  We will meet you at the front desk with a pool access card which you will need to show before every swim session.


  • Drop In Card (1 punch)

What to Bring

  • You’ll need a swimsuit and goggles
  • You may also want a swim cap, paddles, swim fins and/or pull bouy


  • All swimmers need a pool access card (no charge) – contact info@peninsulamultisport.ca to get one for your first swim.  You do not need to pay a pool fee for entry as it is included in your drop in rate. Once you are past the desk, we recommend you meet on the pool deck 15 minutes early and start your warm up!

Lake Swims

Open Water Swims:

From the end of May through to September, we will offer a weekly group open water swim.  No matter how good you are in a pool, gaining confidence and skills for open water swimming is an essential part of triathlon. The open water season kicks off with a Coached Swim Clinic.


  • Sunday mornings, usually starting on the May long weekend – watch the Club Calendar or our Facebook page for information


  • Sasamat Lake, Port Moody

How to Register


  • Included in your membership

What to Bring

  • Wear your swimsuit or tri-suit and wetsuit
  • You will also need a brightly coloured swim cap and goggles
  • A swim buddy/buoy is recommended