Club Executive

Meet the team behind the scenes!  The club executive is elected each year at the AGM and serves for a two year term.  These members volunteer for a variety of roles including managing finances, organizing events, liaising with other clubs and organizing board.  Feel free to contact any of them with an email to

Shawn Baturin

Role:  President

Joined Club In: 2014

Events Completed:

  • Sprint: 6
  • Olympic: 3
  • Half: 7
  • Full: 1
  • Other: Half Marathons – 12+, Marathons – 1

Favourite Event: I have a couple of ones I like. I enjoy running BMO Half Marathon in May, Victoria 70.3 and Cultas Lake is becoming a favourite also (even with the rain!)

What’s on your Playlist: Many! But to list a few Thunderstruck (AC/DC), You’re a Superstar (Love Inc), Enter Sandman (Metallica), Hero (Skillet), Relax – Take it Easy (Mika Bomb), Billie Jean (MJ), Unbreakable (Fireflight)

Favourite Fuel: All food 

Best Tip for a New Club Member: Enjoy the process and have fun!!!

Tri Goal for 2021:  Plan on racing IMC and running a Virtual Marathon in May.


Wendy Lyall

Role: Treasurer & NCCP Trained Community Coach – Triathlon

Joined Club In:  It’s been a while!  Maybe 2010 or 2011?

Events Completed: I’m old!  It’s hard to keep track

  • Sprint: many
  • Olympic:  2
  • Half:  Many
  • Full: 2
  • Other:  lots of half marathons and 5 fulls

Favourite Event:  I always loved the old Oliver half course but I love training more than I like racing.

What’s on your Playlist:  I’m loving a podcast now – Running for Real with Tina Muir.

Favourite Fuel:  Roctane Gel

Best Tip for a New Club Member:  We do this for fun, enjoy the journey.

Tri Goal for 2021:  To recover my joy of biking, post concussion!  To feel strong swimming again and to work on my running.

Heidi Luongo

Role: Secretary 

Joined Club In: 2018

Events Completed: 

  • Sprint: 5
  • Olympic: 3
  • Other: Half Marathons: 3, Multiple 10Km & 5km events

Favourite Event:  Cultus Lake Triathlon-in spite of the annual, torrential race-day rain

What’s on your Playlist: I love music from the 70’s: Earth, Wind and Fire, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles to name a few.

Favourite Fuel:  Bananas, PB&J pre-workout, but generally I just love good wholesome, healthy food.

Best Tip for a New Club Member:  I was very nervous when I joined PMC.  My first club event was a group ride where I was warmly welcomed. I was made to feel comfortable even though I felt completely out of my comfort zone. Try to relax, and enjoy the process of “progress, not perfection”.  We are all here to support each other.

Tri Goal for 2021: I have continued training throughout Covid, and am hopeful there will be race events this year. I have only registered for Cultus Lake thus far, and hope to podium in my age group.

Dave Loggie

Role: Pool scheduling

Joined Club in: 2016

Number of Tri’s completed:

  • Sprints: 6
  • Olympic: 5
  • Half: 1
  • Full distance:
  • Other: 

Favourite Event: Muskoka because of the out and back lake swim and rolling hills through beautiful Muskoka Ontario. I have not raced since moving to BC so don’t have an experience here to draw from.  

Playlist: Everything and anything, depending on mood 

Favourite Fuel: Anything plant-based and ideally in it’s original state (whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans/pulses)

Best Tip for a New Club Member: Make the effort to reach out to others for advice and leverage the executive members to help navigate. Come to pool swims, group rides or runs to meet others and come to the AGM.

Tri Goal for 2021:  Get healthy and be strong!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on the bike later this season.

Karen Sierpina

Role: Social Media & Marketing

Joined Club In: 2019

Events Completed:

  • Sprint: 2
  • Olympic: 1 (plus 1 virtual in 2020)
  • Half Marathon: 4
  • Other:  numerous 10k, 8k & 5k

Favourite Event: Cultus Lake Triathlon (Olympic) – great local race and enjoyable course even in the torrential conditions in 2019. Fun racing with so many other PMC members here.

What’s on your Playlist: A mix of everything!

Favourite Fuel: Chocolate long johns, cake and nachos. Ok seriously: Nuun Performance Hydration, Honey Stinger Açai Pomegranate gels and PB sandwich squares.

Best Tip for a New Club Member: Come out to the group training sessions and get to know other members. There’s a wealth of seasoned experience and knowledge in this awesome, inspiring, fun group of athletes!

Take it all in, smile and enjoy the experience! 

Tri Goal for 2021: Continue to build strength throughout the year to race in Oliver next year, and eventually complete a 70.3.  

Andrew Janzen

Role: Website and Technology 

Joined Club In: 2018

Events Completed:

  • Sprint:  Delta, North Shore
  • Olympic:  Vancouver (Stanley Park)
  • 70.3:  Oliver (twice)
  • Full:   IM Arizona (once)
  • 10ks:  Many
  • Half Marathons:  BMO, Scotia, Victoria, Virtual Half in 2020
  • Full Marathons:  BMO (once)
  • Fondos:  Penticton (3X), Langley (2X), Victoria, Whistler

Favourite Event: Oliver 70.3 – Love the Okanagan, great terrain, small event, well run.

What’s on your Playlist: U2.  The best rock band ever.   

Favourite Fuel: (for an endurance event) Roasted Sweet Potato chunks with a spice rub

Best Tip for a New Club Member: Commit.  Sign up for an event that stretches you.  Push through the discomfort.

Tri Goal for 2021:  Nada.  Deferred IMC Penticton to 2022.